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The #SelfieShirt

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The SelfieShirt is a T-shirt that reacts to selfie tweets; handmade wearable technology with a high fun factor! We’ll show you how to make one and plug into the trend. You can download the instructions at the end of this page.

Selfies, Selfies, Selfies

The rampant popularity of digital self-portraits reflects how intimately media has become embedded in the private sphere – thanks to the smartphone. We always carry this personal “thing” with us, like our second brain. We need it to manage our lives and always be online. It connects us with each other…and facilitates our digital self-portrayal.
But selfies are not the only way to self-promote. Wearable tech is just waiting to join in. It already lets us measure and evaluate everything about ourselves, counting calories and steps, tracking movements, sharing results, measuring our pulse, giving us advice on what to do. And it’s available in countless forms: whether as a bracelet, watch or pair of glasses.

It’s time to combine the two

What’s been the most popular way to display opinions for decades? The T-shirt! It’s the classic analogue canvas for slogans, bands and brands. Now we take the T-shirt to the next level. Our “Tweet-shirt” reacts to selfies and ushers digital self-promotion into the real world.

This is how it works

We print “Duckface”, an illustration of a selfie duck with a mobile, onto a T-shirt. (BTW: “Duckface” was designed by Brosmind as a part of the 20things campaign.)
A real LED is integrated into the illustration of the duck’s mobile phone and the T-shirt is connected via Bluetooth to our “WeSelfie” app. Every time someone tweets #selfie, Duckface takes a selfie and the T-shirt (literally) flashes.

Make your own “Tweet-shirt” and share it with us!

We believe in the fun and creative potential of digital natives and the internet. Because this is all about making a personal statement, why not design your own personal Tweet-shirt? We’ll show you the technicalities and, in return, you show us your custom-made #SelfieShirt.

Howto EN/PDF/2MB
Opensource-Code GitHub
Duckface ZIP/3MB



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